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Our Story

Hello! My name is Lena and I am thrilled to welcome you to my little shop. With the birth of my son, Atticus I craved clothing that was sweet, modern and comfortable for him to be able to explore, experience and discover. After a corporate career took a halt in 2020 (during that pandemic!) I wanted to go back to my roots and focus on something that made me excited everyday. I sought to curate a collection of children's clothing that evokes a sense of wonder for all our sweet littles to comfortably and elegantly discover the magical world around them. 

Our Roots

Rudii is named after my grandfather, a man who saw the wonder in everyday. I think of him often and fondly and can hear him say "everything is wonderful" daily. I love that he kept his childlike sensibility and passed a little on to me. As a mother, I am amazed at how curious and wondrous our children are. As a stylist who believes that our clothes play an important role in our daily lives, I hope our collections evoke a sense of wonder for you and your littles. 

Don't forget that "everyday is wonderful"





We believe that children's clothing can be beautiful and beautiful clothing begins with proper form. Our clothing offers the best in children's clothing design. 

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For littles, function is key. Clothes should allow exploration & movement. Our collections serve to provide functional fashion for even the littlest littles. 

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As children explore the world around them we want their clothing to fit the movement they crave. There is no compromise for good fit. 

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